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Heart of God Church Love Others - Alumni Gives Back

Alumni Nicholas wanted to give back to his secondary school by encouraging his juniors. Together with Wei Ze, a friend from church who happened to be his junior, the duo started an initiative to give out lollipops with hand-written notes to encourage the whole Secondary 4 cohort.

Although Nicholas was having tests in polytechnic, and Wei Ze was taking his O levels, they decided to be different. Nicholas said, “We wanted to change the culture that most students have – they think that while they are stressed, they cannot encourage and look out for others. However, this is not true. While we want to do well, we also want to do good and do right.”

The principal invited them to speak to the entire school during assembly. While addressing the school, they shared their creative spin on the trendy phrase “You Only Live Once”— a youth lingo similar to carpe diem, or seize the day.

Wanting to apply YOLO in a different way, Wei Ze said: “We are all in the same phase of life, and what we can do is look out for one another and love one another. To us, YOLO means You Only Love Others.”

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