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Heart of God Church Love Others - Charmaine 6   Heart of God Church Love Others - Charmaine 5

Smiles and cheers broke out early that morning at Charmaine’s secondary school. EVERYONE had received an encouraging note and sweets to brighten their day. Teachers were surprised – a little shocked even – by how Charmaine and her 6 church friends who were in the same school took the initiative to show love and encouragement to the entire school of more than 800 people, which included all the students, teachers and even the canteen aunties and uncles.

These 7 youths had wanted to cheer on the seniors who were having their preliminary exams and also celebrate the end of the exams for the juniors. So, they reached school earlier at 6:30AM that day to execute their #loveothers14 plan in stealth before everyone arrived.

Heart of God Church Love Others - Charmaine 2  Heart of God Church Love Others - Charmaine 4

Many pleasantly surprised teachers and seniors who were touched by their loving initiative even instagrammed them to thank them.

Heart of God Church Love Others - Charmaine 3  Heart of God Church Love Others - Charmaine 1

When asked how this idea sprang up, Charmaine shared that she had heard a story in church about how 3 girls went around Jurong to show love to the foreign workers by giving out more than 200 packs of milo, instant noodles and sweets. She was then inspired to do something for her friends and teachers in school. She shared that “in Heart of God Church, the youths are always taught by our Pastors and leaders to love others . We simply wanted to thank the teachers and staff for their hard work and for giving their best for the students, and also to cheer our seniors and friends on.”

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