#LoveOthers Goes International!

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Love travels fast and love travels far. Our trademark #loveothers14 stickers turned up all over the world, on chocolate frogs Down Under and on Kit-Kats up north in Switzerland!

Heart of God Church Love Others Ying Ying  Heart of God Church Love Others - Hui Ying

“I saw people from church doing different acts of kindness to people all around Singapore and thought that if they could do it, so could I.”

In the midst of her examinations in Perth, Australia, Hui Ying found some time to print out the #loveothers14 sticker, write personalized messages on them and stick them on chocolates and snack bars. Together with her friend, she conquered the science library and the doorsteps of her neighbours with her gifts. Many of them were really touched by that small but significant act!

More than halfway around the world in Switzerland, Ying Ying and Matthew were also inspired by the #loveothers14 movement back home. Ying Ying designed her own stickers and gave them out together with Kit-Kat bars while Matthew prepared chocolate cornflakes and a personalized message just to love the people around him!

Heart of God Church Love Others Service Staff 1  Heart of God Church Love Others Service Staff 2

“Every service staff that received the gifts smiled even wider than before!”

Serving those who served her, Bena, who was travelling in China, made personalized #loveothers14 cards to encourage the tour guides, restaurant and hotel staff and even the cleaners at the airport!

With #loveothers14 going global, no wonder the earth is getting warmer!

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