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Heart of God Church Love Others - Shynzi

When they heard about the #loveothers14 initiative, Shynzi and his church friends who were in the same school were inspired to do something for their schoolmates.

Together, they prepared more than 1,000 printed cards and snacks to encourage everyone. They waited for recess time, when it was finally time for their Mission Impossible! The group hurried into every classroom as the students went for recess. Before recess ended, the nine of them had planted a surprise on every table in the entire school.

Later in the day, many thanked the group with heartfelt messages on Instagram. That was the happiest moment for them, knowing they could love their schoolmates and make a difference in their lives. Why go through all the trouble? Shynzi’s reply was simply: “I know that I can’t change the world, but I can change my world.”

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