Heart of God Church Love Others - JC1 Gives to Cohort

When Stephanie and her church friends entered junior college, they saw that many of their schoolmates were very stressed about this new phase of life. After hearing about the #loveothers14 initiative, the group of JC freshmen thought: “This is the best time to do something for our schoolmates!” They decided to do something bold: they gave out a total of 1500 sweets with personalised notes to everyone in the school – students, teachers, cleaners and even the canteen vendors!

Just before the exam period, the same group surprised their schoolmates again. This time, the group came to school early in the morning and left 800 study packs in lecture theatres and on study benches.

When asked why they did it, Stephanie shared: I come from a broken family. My parents are divorced. I never understood what love meant. However, in Heart of God Church, I found people who truly loved me and encouraged me. I remember during my exam periods, I was feeling really stressed but my church friends came down to my house to pass me tidbits and a note to encourage me for my exams. I felt very loved. That’s why, today, I want to love others too.


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