Sylvester and his church friends knew how stressful it could be to go through exams. But instead of just being caught up in their own preparations, they decided to do something for their schoolmates – in a spectacular way.

Heart of God Church Love Others - Sylvester 3

Over one week, Sylvester and his church friends gave out gummy bears with encouraging notes to their entire school of 1000 people! After school, they went to every single class and distributed these “packets of love” to all the students. With that extra bit of time, they could have done more revision; however, the others-centred group of youths decided they would use the time to love their friends instead.

In the end, everyone was immensely touched by their generosity and selflessness. The teachers thanked them for brightening the school’s mood during the exam period! It even caught the attention of their principal, who wanted them to do it again during Teachers’ Day.

Heart of God Church Love Others - Sylvester 1

“Although it was tiring to prepare these little acts, we all know we were slowly making a lasting impact in our school, slowly changing our school atmosphere to be more encouraging and positive!” Sylvester explained, “In my church (Heart of God Church), my pastors and leaders always inspire the youths to love others. That’s why I wanted to be part of the #loveothers14 movement. I don’t just want to do well. I want to do good and do right.”

Sylvester and his friends are an example to everyone around that there is more to life – people can love others in the midst of busy and stressful seasons!

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