Heart of God Church Love Others - Foreign Workers
#loveothers appreciates our foreign workers: “If not for them, Singapore won’t be what it is today. Buildings are put up by these hardworking workers. They need to be loved, respected and appreciated. Kudos to all the construction workers in Singapore.”

Heart of God Church Loves Others - Nurses
#loveothers surprises nurses at SGH: “They have been giving so much to their patients. Now it’s our turn to fill their gas tanks with some love.”

Heart of God Church Loves Others - Bus Drivers     Heart of God Church Love Others - Loving Unsung Heroes
#loveothers goes to our bus drivers and cleaners: “I think the bus drivers are also the unsung heroes, they have to wake up so early everyday, drive all day on the road and yet sometimes kena complain. They should be applauded too!”

“The cleaners in my estate are always so hard at work, making our surroundings pleasant!”

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